Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Duvet Day the Goose Down Way!

Some musings on "Duvet days" for Gooses and Ganders (And I use the word Goose here for its Cape Town meaning… a chick, a cherrie, a sweetheart).

Two months ago, my Aunt in Gauteng informed me that when she woke at the crack of dawn, she stuck her nose out of the window and could smell winter approaching. My aunt has a sixth sense. She picked this up long before there was really a hint of it in the air. Okay, so maybe she was just looking at the calendar, but the point is that ahead of the rest of us, she knew it was time to pack away her summer down duvets and get the winter one out of the cupboard.

And now, eight weeks later, winter has definitely arrived again in our lovely and so ill equipped for the cold country, South Africa. It is sweeping cold rain across the Southern part of the country, and starting to chill the bones of those of us living further north. And we are forced to ask, why no central heating? It's cold enough to warrant it! The problem lies in our inability to remember pain… you only REALLY freeze in Cape Town for about 6 weeks of the year, and in that time you wear wooly hats and socks to bed. Then a month or two later the weather perks up and you forget how many sick days you filled in for work so that you could stay at home in bed during that period.

Oh yes, along with winter, come Duvet Days. There is nothing better than snuggling up under a goose down duvet, with an extra soft pillow, and reading the latest publication of your favourite magazine. Duvet Days are synonymous with, hot chocolate, coffee, good books, good other stuff, gratefulness for the invention of the laptop which enables one to work in bed, and 2 for the price of one videos.

While you think about what we had before we had Duvet Days (Blanket days just has no ring to it), we invite you to share with us and our readers, any other ideas you may have for how to spend a good winter morning tucked up under your down duvets
(And please bear in mind, that any comments that are not good and clean and fresh will not be approved for publication!)

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